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The Secret of the Seven Seeds: A Parable of Leadership and Life To Be of Use: The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work Seven Seeds Compile by DAZ (2011-03-09? SEVEN SEEDS

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Image gallery ranking of works sorted by yesterday's view times
1 Ankokuno Hakaishin Bastard!!(Literature)
2 Sengoku Cyber Fujimaru Jigokuhen(Game)
3 Plunderer(Comics)
4 Runway de waratte(Comics)
5 Hokuto no ken Ichigo aji(Comics)
6 Summer Pockets(Game)
7 Who Wants to be a MILLIONAIRE(Game)
8 Feromon mania sindroom(Comics)
9 Dorohedoro(Comics)
10 Sanadamaru(Drama)
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    Image gallery ranking of Information DB sorted by yesterday's view times
1Yuriko Hishimi
2Yuria Haga
3Kobayashi Maya
4Saya Kataoka
5Miura Mayumi
7Aizawa Nahoko
8Mari Iriki
9Monthly Shonen Champion
10Burt Bacharach
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