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Image gallery ranking of works sorted by yesterday's view times
1 Princess Lover(Anime)
2 Sakuya youkaiden(JP movie)
3 Dirty Pair(Anime)
4 Speed Racer (1967 ver.)(Anime)
5 25 sai no joshikousei(Anime)
6 Precure(Pretty cure)(Comics)
7 Gakideka(Comics)
8 Runway de waratte(Comics)
9 GINTAMA(Anime)
10 School ghost story (Gakkou no Kaidan)(Anime)
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    Image gallery ranking of Information DB sorted by yesterday's view times
1Taeko Minagawaa
2Miyamoto Maki
3Maiko Itoh
4Eikichi Yazawa
5Aiko Kaitou
6Andrea Goldman
7Matsuo Kazuko
9Miku Ishida
10Hayashi Tetsuji
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