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Volume 4 outer zone (Jump Comics) (1992) ISBN: 4088713982 [Japanese Import] Models of the Trapped Radiation Environment Volume II Inner and Outer Zone Electrons NASA SP-3024 Outer zone 15 (Jump Comics) (1994) ISBN: 4088718267 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 14 (Jump Comics) (1994) ISBN: 4088714504 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 13 (Jump Comics) (1994) ISBN: 4088714490 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 12 (Jump Comics) (1994) ISBN: 4088714482 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 11 (Jump Comics) (1994) ISBN: 4088714474 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 10 (Jump Comics) (1993) ISBN: 4088714466 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 9 (Jump Comics) (1993) ISBN: 4088714458 [Japanese Import] Outer zone 8 (Jump Comics) (1993) ISBN: 408871444X [Japanese Import] Outer zone 7 (Jump Comics) (1993) ISBN: 4088714431 [Japanese Import] Volume 6 outer zone (Jump Comics) (1993) ISBN: 4088714008 [Japanese Import] Volume 5 outer zone (Jump Comics) (1992) ISBN: 4088713990 [Japanese Import] Volume 3 outer zone (Jump Comics) (1992) ISBN: 4088713974 [Japanese Import] Volume 2 outer zone (Jump Comics) (1991) ISBN: 4088713966 [Japanese Import] Volume 1 outer zone (Jump Comics) (1991) ISBN: 4088713958 [Japanese Import] Outer zone (JUMP j BOOKS) (1995) ISBN: 4087030369 [Japanese Import] No.1 Death Fire outer zone horror (SHUEISHA JUMP REMIX) ISBN: 4081131783 (2011) [Japanese Import] Village of the outer zone witch hunt - another dimension horror theater (SHUEISHA JUMP REMIX) ISBN: 4081066183 (2004) [Japanese Import] ? Who outer zone visitors / It was killed - different dimension horror theater (SHUEISHA JUMP REMIX) ISBN: 4081064938 (2003) [Japanese Import] Mind warped outer zone divination clown / - different dimension horror theater (SHUEISHA JUMP REMIX) ISBN: 408106380X (2003) [Japanese Import] OilCan Drive Collected: Into the Outer Zone (Volume 1) OilCan Drive Collected: Into the Outer Zone (Volume 1)

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