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Michael Connelly Collection 20 books Set. (Nine Dragons, The Lincoln, the narrows, the brass verdict, Angels Flight, The Overlook, Trunk Music, Void Moon, Lost Light, City of Bones, Crime beat, Chasing the dime, Echo Park, the closers, A Darkness More tha Dark Moon, Lost Lady Fly Me to the Moon: Lost in Space With the Mercury Generation Voyage to the planet of Pretty Little Angel / I Thank The Moon Lost Nite Reissue the more you live, the more you love (full moon) / lost control (total 12

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1 Ankokuno Hakaishin Bastard!!(Literature)
2 Ninkyo Helper(Drama)
3 Jujutsu Kaisen(Comics)
4 Sailor suit knight.(Comics)
5 Spirit Warrior(Anime)
6 Killing Bites(Comics)
7 Nogizaka Haruka no himitsu Kosupure hajimemashita(Game)
8 True Love Story Summer Days and yet...(Game)
9 Deatte 5 Byou de Battle(Comics)
10 The World is not enough(Movie)
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1Asahina Jyunko
2Ryunosuke Kaneda
3Kimiko Ikegami
4Ryoko Sano
5Keiko Takeshita
7Youko Maki
8Kobayashi Mao
9Miku Itou
10Yo-Landi Visser
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